Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Christina Aguilera perfume - the lowdown

Image courtesy of slapiton.tv

I'm most definitely not a fan of anything celebrity endorsed, so when I was given a sample of Christina Aguilera perfume, I must confess, I did approach it with suspicion.

My first impression, when I dabbed it liberally on both wrists was warm & sweet and somehow it reminded me of my grandma.  I really don't like sweet perfumes but as time wore on, the sweetness subsided and just the warmth remained.  Pleasant enough, if you like that sort of thing...  

It was only when I read the fragrance notes that I realized why it reminded me of my grandma.  The top note is vanilla - my grandma loved baking!!

Overall, I think it's a safe, uncomplicated perfume for teenage girls who think that 'sexy' is nothing more complicated than wearing a short skirt and glittery make up.   


La Bonne Vivante said...

Interesting that XXXXXtina would choose the sedate vanilla as a topnote in her fragrance. Motherhood must have tamed her...or maybe her PR people. Thanks for the review; I'll have to try a sniff when I come across it.

Christina Aguilera said...

I had this perfume and gave it away, it smelled alright but just wasn't my taste after a bit.

eula_w said...

What a very sexy this lowdown perfume is. But I never see this perfume in the market. Wish I can have one so that I can experience the scent. :D

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