Monday, 22 July 2013

A question for my readers

I'm trying to increase the readership of this blog.  If no one's reading your stuff, blogging is just self indulgent shouting into a void - white noise on the internet.

I've add a 'share' button under each piece but given my anti Facebook rant here, is it hypocritical to give readers the opportunity to share my stuff on Facebook?  On the same vein, what about a Facebook page for this blog?

I'd love to know your thoughts.  If you have the time, do vote in the poll I've set up to the right.  x 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Object of Desire - Annie Embroidered dress by French Connection

It was when I found myself debating the merits of M8 ratchet spanners that something struck me quite strongly.  I need to reconnect with my girl side - fashion, beauty, pretty things.  I have to wear black jeans, black t shirts and steel toe cap boots for work so when I'm not at work I crave fresh white clothes, especially dresses with pretty shoes and jewellery.

This dress fits the bill perfectly.

I love its slightly longer length because I'm far too old and chubby of knee to wear short skirts these days.  The V neck and the defined waist work well with my hourglass size 14 figure.  The delicate embroidery throughout is the perfect antidote to those steel toe capped boots.

I'd wear it with some blue tribal style chandelier earrings, which would really pop against the white, and strappy brown leather sandals.  Ideal for lazy afternoons in the park or strolling along the South Bank.

And the best thing?  It's on sale, £65 reduced from £130!   Just leave me one in size 14.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Book review - A Street Cat named Bob by James Bowen

One of the reasons I love books are they allow you to see into areas of life that you wouldn't normally experience.

'A Street Cat named Bob' is a wonderful little book.  It's the story of how a mangy ginger tom cat decided to adopt a homeless heroin addict, James, and how the simple fact of having another living being who needed him enabled James to turn his life around and get off the smack.

Image via

It's a simple book about ordinary things like how James tried to dissuade Bob from living with him, (but Bob was having none of it), taking the cat for his vaccinations, getting excited about earning a bit of extra money and being able to afford a nice curry & some extra special cat food but there's something life affirming about it.  We all need someone (or some cat) to stick with us in spite of everything and we all need responsibility beyond just taking care of ourselves  to give our lives meaning.

I think I've actually seen James and his cat busking in Covent Garden so it's nice to read about the back story.  That cat was actually giving him high fives! 


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