Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Norovirus and how to deal with it.

I've been unlucky enough to start off the new year with a dose of Norovirus.

It seems like I had rather a mild dose because it only lasted a day but blimey, it certainly didn't feel mild.  The projectile vomiting and the acute gastroenteritis have utterly drained me.

It started with nausea, stomach cramps and bad bloating but it was quickly followed by the vomiting and gastroenteritis.

I'm on the mend now but I'm still feeling very fragile.  I really, really don't want anyone to suffer the way I have so I thought I'd pass on the tips I've learnt the hard way.

Wash your hands!  I'm very hygienic anyway but I've become somewhat OCD about not just thoroughly washing my hands but using hand sanitiser afterwards and then cleaning every surface I've touched with a cleaning wipe.  Yeah, I'm probably on my way to one of those disorders but I don't want my boyfriend to get it.

You'll become very dehydrated so don't forget to drink.  My mouth was soo dry.  Water is very good but I found that fennel tea also helped to settle my stomach.  This really helped me.

I also found that a Berocca a day really helped.

Once you feel you can eat something, try a few mouthfuls of dry toast.  I know it's dull as anything but it's not too rich so it binds the stomach without being overwhelming.  If you have bread with added vitamins, even better.

One thing that happened was, that it really brought home how lucky I am to have such an amazing boyfriend.  When someone sees you with vomit on your face, groaning in agony and is prepared to clean up your sh!t, that's love.

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