Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hero Beauty product - E45 Lotion

Today's beauty product is effective, multi-tasking and very cheap.

Ladies, I'm talking about E45 lotion.  Regular readers of these beauty reviews will know that I have dehydrated, sensitive skin.  I struggle to find products that  work without irritating.  E45 lotion is, in my opinion, nothing short of miraculous.

I use it as a daily body lotion but during the winter months when my complexion becomes especially dry thanks to a combination of central heating & cold outdoor weather, I use it on my face.  I do use it during the summer but sometimes I find it a little rich then. 

It's unperfumed.  I love gorgeously scented body lotions but they can irritate my skin. 

Texture-wise, it's thick and rich but it does sink in quickly.  My skin is supple and hydrated all day when I use this.  It's especially good if I spend a lot of time outdoors because my skin retains moisture levels.

It's also useful for travelling because I just need to take one bottle with me instead of one for body and one for face.

And the best thing?

It's only £5.50 for 500ml!  Seriously, half a litre of really good product for the princely sum of £5.50.

You're welcome.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Beauty review - Origins Starting Over Age-erasing moisturiser with Mimosa

'Starting Over Age-erasing moisturiser' - the name immediately annoyed me.  I'm 47, I like being 47, why on earth would I want to 'start over'?  The implication is that there's something wrong with being older, you've somehow made a mistake and woo hoo, Origins has kindly given you a chance to make good your error for only £38.  Mmm...

Anyway, onto the product.  It has a gorgeous citrusy smell.  The texture is thick but easily absorbed which I did like.  It can be used morning and evening but I chose to use it as a day cream.  I found it relatively moisturising for my dehydrated complexion but towards the end of the day, my skin started to dry out a little.

All in all, not a bad moisturiser but they really need to change the name.


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