Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend in London

I do hope all my lovely readers had as great Easter weekend as I did.  We spent it in London.  Personally I love London on Bank Holidays.  There's none of the manic rushing that happens during the working week.  Just people who really enjoy London.

Unfortunately I did have to work Friday and Saturday but the double time was extremely welcome.

As it was such a gorgeous day on Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to go up to Hampstead Heath and enjoy the weather.  I adore everything about Hampstead - the beautiful unspoiled village with it's boutiques & fantastic pubs, the wild, vast untamed heath...

We wandered through the Heath for a while

then retired to The Holly Bush, a beautiful little pub just off the high street, that dates back to the nineteenth century, for a couple of glasses of rose and a very nice roast dinner.  After The Holly Bush, we were in no mood to end the evening so continued on to The Flask, another of my favourite pubs in the area for another glass of rose and a game of Trivial Pursuit, ( I lost!)

We woke up late-ish on Monday and decided to go and see 'Submarine'.  It's a strange, quirky little film but I loved it.  It's coming-of-age film about a teenage boy in Wales trying to loose his virginity & cope with the potential break up of his parents marriage.  Sounds run of the mill but the style is not.  It's divided into slightly dramatic sections like a book but it works because it's the way teenagers see life.  Well, it's the way I saw things when I was fifteen!  Disaster strikes!  The break up!  Definitely a recommendation from me.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Once again, I need to apologise for the break in blogging.

I've been caught up in estate agent hell which has taken me a very long time to sort out.  I wish I could elaborate but sadly I can't.  All I can say is - I don't know how they can sleep at night.  They've looked me straight in the eye, smiled and told lie after lie after lie, knowing that their actions will badly damage me.  Not good people.

Anyway, on to far more pleasant matters.  Firstly I do need to thank the lovely Ines of All I Am - a redhead for the perfume samples I won in a give away on her blog and the eternally stylish Looking Fab in your forties of Looking Fab at Any Age for the very sexy Playtex lingerie set which I won in a give away on her site.  I'll be bringing you the lowdown on the lingerie set very soon.

Last but on least, I have some very exciting projects in the pipeline.  Watch this space...


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