Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hero beauty product - Kiehl's Fig Leaf & Sage Aromatic Mist perfume

I bought this perfume for myself as a reward after one of my crazy work-all-hours-god-sends periods.

It's an unusual one for sure.  People either seem to love or hate it, but I really like it.

The packaging is clean & somewhat minimalist but retro.  White background, black lettering and a picture of the bottle inside.  No nonsense there.  The bottle itself continues the same minimalist retro theme - simple shape, clear glass, the retro Kiehls font embossed on to it and a silver cap.  With so much rather verbose, over the top perfume presentation around, I found this rather satisfying.

The perfume itself is strong.  The sweetness of the fig is counteracted by the sharpness of the sage.  It shouldn't work but it does.  Initially the sage is the foremost note but it settles into a rather warm, pleasing aroma.  At the risk of sounding like a press release, it really did remind me of sitting in a Mediterranean garden on a hot day.

I also liked the fact that you can buy it in both small and large size. Sometimes you want to treat yourself but can't spend too much money.

I think it's a great perfume for (hopefully) warm summer days.

*Edited 10/4/14


Style At Every Age said...

Sounds lovely, I think I will certainly be looking to have a sniff of this at some stage. Love a good summer scent x

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

i love kiehls normally but sage makes me feel a bit flat!!

Rosemary Nardone said...

I really love this line and these scents are fabulous! New follower and looking forward to your posts. Hope you take a peek over at my NYC blog as well!

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Style At Every Age. Yea, I'd recommend it. x

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Coulda shoulda woulda. It's certainly not for everyone. x

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Rosemary Nardone. Thank you so much for dropping by and for following me. x


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