Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Rules of Eating Alone

I was out shopping recently when I overheard a thirty something man having the following conversation on his mobile...

"Oh, yes!  Yes, I'd love to come to dinner.

I haven't eaten a proper meal for weeks.  There's something so pathetic about cooking a proper meal when you're on your own.

Usually just toast...  With Marmite..." 

I actually stopped dead in disbelief when I heard this. Needless to say, I completely disagree with him so in honour of that sad, lonely man waiting for his life to start, here are my Rules for Eating Alone.

  1. Remember if you are eating alone, this is a special time.  It's your time to reflect on the day and make plans without any distractions.
  2. Listen to music.  My favourite is Classic FM.
  3. Cook simple, tasty, nutritious food.  Food that you enjoy.  Endless slices of Marmite toast implies a sense of disregard for your own wellbeing.  One of my favourite meals is fresh filled pasta with olive oil and gruyere cheese grated on top.  So simple and easy to prepare but healthy and filling.
  4. Sit down at the table and clear things like laptops away.  I love eating at my dining table.  It's in the corner of the living room and I can watch the sunset over the treetops.  I always lay the table properly with a place mat.  Personally I feel that if you eat on your lap in front of the TV, not only will you not appreciate your food, you'll invariably end up overeating because you're distracted.  Never eat standing up over the kitchen sink.
  5. Try not to take phone calls whilst you're eating.  There's plenty of time for that later.  


Pug1 said...

Hi, I'm Michele from Chicago, I came across your blog via THE DAILY CONNOISSEUR, isn't she great? Anyway I like your blog too and totally agree with eating properly! Cheers! Michele

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Michele.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yes, I do love The Daily Connoisseur.


Elizabeth said...

I don't live alone so I don't have the opportunity to eat alone very often but when I do it's at the table with a good book. Reading time is so very precious and books make the best company!

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Elizabeth

Yes, I completely agree, reading time is very precious. x

TyLean said...

I COMPLETELY agree! Taking enjoyment of eating alone was one of many things I had to learn to do when I lost 5 stone (72 pounds) between 2007 and 2010.

Lets hope it helps me lose the baby weight in the coming months, too!


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