Friday, 17 September 2010

Hero beauty product - Lacura Q10 night cream

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Broke is not a good place to be, so when my flat-mate gave me a tub of Lacura Q10 Night Cream, I was grateful to say the least.  When she told me that it cost £1.99 and that it was the best night cream she'd ever used, I was intrigued.

She's right - it's excellent.  

I have very dry, sensitive skin and I could feel this working immediately.  It really moisturized.  Often, I find that a moisturizer will nourish the top layer of the skin but you'll still feel dry and tight deeper down but this cream really did completely moisturize the entire epidermis.  I found that my skin tone was far more even and less... well... ruddy, (the rosacea, you see).  It also firmed my skin, which was an unexpected but very welcome bonus - I've reached a certain age and things are definitely starting to head southward, so anything that delays this always goes down well in my book.

A very, very good product all round and I can't recommend it highly enough.

You can buy it in the U.K. here and the U.S. here.  £1.99 in the U.K. and $3.99 in the U.S. - bargain!

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