Sunday, 6 November 2011

A feline vistor

I'd love to have a pet.  Cat or dog, I'm not fussy.  Unfortunately my lifestyle just wouldn't allow it.  I work unsociable hours and I'm often away from home.

So I was very pleased when a neighbourhood cat decided to adopt me. We've named her 'Zero' as in Cat Zero, the first cat in our home, (yes, we're nerds).

A visit from Zero is like a state visit from the Queen.  She walks in, announcing herself with a little 'meow' then proceeds to investigate every room, climbing into cupboards and onto surfaces, rubbing herself against the furniture and sniffing everything.  She never accepts food so it really does seem like the only reason she comes visiting is to be sociable.  When she's here, I find myself trying to make things as comfortable as possible for her like switching on the heating.  Is that sad of me?  Very probably.

I'll leave you with a picture of her looking at the tree outside the living room window.

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