Monday, 22 July 2013

A question for my readers

I'm trying to increase the readership of this blog.  If no one's reading your stuff, blogging is just self indulgent shouting into a void - white noise on the internet.

I've add a 'share' button under each piece but given my anti Facebook rant here, is it hypocritical to give readers the opportunity to share my stuff on Facebook?  On the same vein, what about a Facebook page for this blog?

I'd love to know your thoughts.  If you have the time, do vote in the poll I've set up to the right.  x 


Style At Every Age said...

To increase readership, are you on twitter? Find a blogger you like and look through their followers, just start adding people and you should build up a following then post a link to each blog post you do. This helped me in the early days but the more blogs you comment on, the more likely people are to drop by yours and say hello xx

Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles said...

Dear UTBT,
Go on, create a facebook page. Nothing wrong with your rant. Was true anyway. I had a rant recently also (not sure if you read it; twas after yours :D) and it's now one of my most read. Most comments I got via my personal fb page and the blog fb page, were friends saying they're guilty of what I wrote but they do it anyway. So people are aware of their fb flaws ad when you point them out, they laugh about it in defense. My fb page automatically posts my blogger posts (sometimes I do it manually) and it's also connected to a Twitter account. The fb page helped me introduce the blog to friends who introduced it to others who aren't my friends. It's a great way to entice readers who aren't into directly checking blog platforms. Also, if you have very short posts or quick uploads of photos or teasers for the blog itself, you can do it via the fb page. So I encourage you to do it! Let me know and I'll be amongst the first ones to 'LIKE' it :D Godluck! MsMadge

Beautiful Things said...

Thank you both for stopping by.

Style at Every Age - Twitter! That's a great idea. x

Ms Madge - Thank you! Yes, I did read your FB post, you made a lot of good points. How do you get your FB page to automatically post your blog posts? I've quietly started a FB page for this blog but I've not done much with it because I want to see how I get on with it. I will let you know asap when I go public with it. x

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

so late but better late than never!

Yes create a fb page for sure bc i find some blogs are easier to read through fb if that makes any sense at all. Some people also find instagram, twitter, and pinterest great tools. I think certain people like certain modes of social media.

Raleigh said...



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