Friday, 18 April 2014

On relaxing

I've been working very, very hard recently.  Weeks and weeks of 6 thirteen hour days in a row then one day off.

As a freelancer it's incredibly tempting to accept every bit of work offered to you because there's always a little voice in your head saying, 'Take it whilst it's there.  Next month may be quiet'.  It's gotten to the point, however where I feel I'm close to burn out so I decided that I had to have some time off.  So I turned down work over Easter (eek!) and now I've got seven blissful days off.

I've been looking forward to it so much that I was surprised to find myself, pacing round the living room this morning going, 'What now? What should I do now?'  Yup, I've forgotten how to relax!  I'm so used to meeting deadlines, having to be somewhere, working like the clappers to deliver a show on time that I've actually forgotten how to take it easy.

So I intend, this week, to rediscover the slow life.

  • Sit and read a book with Radio 3 on in the background.
  • Go to a film on my own.  Probably the Yves Saint Laurent film.
  • Catch up with friends.  I have an old friend from high school who I haven't seen since we came over to London together more years ago than I care to remember.  We've been trying to arrange a meet-up for about six months now and I'm ashamed to say that it's always me who blows out because of work.  
  • Bake.  I love baking but it's time consuming so I haven't baked for ages.  I want to try and make a good & gooey chocolate cake.
  • Work my way through the box set of Breaking Bad.
How do you relax?  

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Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles said...

Good decision to relax! Happy Easter by the way :) I relax by catching up on fiction I've been meaning to read but haven't coz I'm also busy at work. Decided to stay home and not meet up with anyone, not drink and have a hangover for days. Been watching films on BT Vision. Finally got to see Philomena and off to see Gravity later. £3.50 per rent. A lot cheaper than in the cinema. Finally visited a restaurant I've been wanting to visit for a year. I'm going back! I sometimes love not having a schedule and not much to do. PS. been having popcorn and diet coke. Isn't that great? Hahaha. Enjoy relaxing!



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