Friday, 18 January 2013

Tax is always taxing

I've finally finished my tax return.  It's always torturous for me.  There's the trying to decipher what exactly the various sections mean; there's the tedious sorting through and adding up of receipts and in my case invariably there's a sick feeling at the end when you realise that there's not enough money in your tax account because you had a cash flow crisis a few months ago where you 'borrowed' money from it & forgot to pay it back.

I've resolved to be far more conscientious about keeping records and putting aside the money.  Seriously, I have to do it.


Kathy Gregory said...

Tax time rolls around every year in January. People who must file taxes have until April 15 to file them or ask for an extension. What I do is to recheck my calculations before sending out my tax forms. I also keep all tax forms and documents in a safe place for four or more years after I file. This way, I’d be able to track down my files in case there has been some missed tax deductions in the future.

Kathy Gregory

Kathy Gregory said...

Make it a habit to organize and keep records of your finances. Also, don’t wait until the last minute or hope for an extension when filing your taxes. In doing so, you’ll have an opportunity to recheck your calculations and make sure they’re correct.


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