Monday, 10 June 2013

Phew! What a week that was!

Last week was tough!  I had 7.30am starts with 11 hour days followed by a slightly later start on Saturday but going on to an overnight job.  As you can see, it's hard to turn down work as a freelancer because you never know when the next job will turn up.  People who think I have a glamorous showbiz job don't understand just how much hard work it can be.  *Sighs*

As a consequence, come Sunday I was somewhat tired.  I spent most of the day in bed only getting out of my pyjamas at about 4!  I slept, ate some nice food, watched a few things on catch up and generally vegged out.  It was absolute bliss.  We did venture out to our local for a couple of drinks later but I was in bed early.  

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