Friday, 30 December 2011

2012 and all that

I'm generally not one for New Year's resolutions.  It just seems like setting yourself up for failure and recrimination. I mean if you haven't lost weight etc in the previous year, you're not going to do it in the coming year simply because it's a New Year's resolution.

Having said that, I was touched and inspired by this post by the lovely Ines of 'All I am - a redhead'.  

A few years ago, my wonderful father was killed in horrific circumstances and my life & the lives of all those who loved him were changed forever.  In amongst the turmoil, the terror and grief of the aftermath I came to the conclusion that life is a fragile, fleeting, beautiful thing and we all have a duty to enjoy our lives to the fullest.  

Enjoyment is a different thing for everyone so it's impossible to lay down ground rules but I'll say this... 

Let those around you know how much they mean to you.  
Don't be too sensible.  If you really want those eyewateringly expensive shoes, buy them.  When you're 95 and looking back over your life, what will you remember, how you conscientiously paid the gas bill or how much pleasure you got from your lovely shoes?  Remember to be responsible though.
Take time to appreciate the small things in life - a breathtaking sunset, a delicious meal.
You can never laugh too much.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2012 brings you everything you want and more.  x 


Ines said...

I am very sorry to hear about your father's death. Those kind of situations really change one's perspective of life.
It makes me happy though to read your thoughts on how to live a happy life.
(especially the shoes part) ;-)

I hope next year is incredibly more better for you than you expect. :-)

LV said...

Losing someone you love is always difficult. this is such a beautiful and moving post. Wishing you a blesses 2012:-)

Beautiful Things said...

Thank you both. Your kind words mean a lot.



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