Thursday, 22 December 2011

My new perfume - Miller Harris 'La Pluie'

I am bad.  I went out to buy Christmas presents and came back with a bottle of perfume for myself.  In my defence, however, it is La Pluie by Miller Harris which I defy anyone to resist.

A few months ago I was given a free sample of La Pluie and I knew immediately that I'd be buying it.  It was just a matter of when.  

I love it because it's a such distinctive and natural fragrance.  So many perfumes, especially the cheaper ones, smell as if the notes have been chemically created.  Let's be honest, no matter how well it's made, chemically created lavender/citrus etc will never smell as good as actual lavender or citrus.

It's also nice to wear something that no one else recognises.  Much as I like perfumes like Rive Gauche, Poison and ck one, they are pretty ubiquitous.  And who wants to be ubiquitous?  


Bloody Frida said...

ooh I have to try this - most of her line I really love esp L'air de Rien.

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Frida. I can't recommend it highly enough. La Fumee is also lovely but I felt it was a bit too woody to be completely versatile. I haven't tried L'air de Rien yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great Christmas.


fati said...

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eula_w said...
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eula_w said...

I just have to try this too. Thanks!

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