Friday, 9 December 2011

Object of Desire - The Kooples Puffer Jacket with Sheepskin

I've been lusting after this Puffer Jacket with sheepskin from the French brand The Kooples for a while now.

During winter it's too easy to sacrifice style for warmth and end up looking like your grandma.  

I love this jacket because the sheepskin panel elevates what could be a very run of the mill puffa jacket into something rather special.  You just have to look at it to know that you'd withstand the worst that the weather could throw at you when you're wearing this jacket.

I'd wear it with black skinny jeans, a grey or beige top and either biker boots or killer heels depending on how icy the pavements were.

And it's only £460 *sobs silently* 

Please let it be on sale soon.  For at least 80 percent off. 

1 comment:

Pug1 said...

I could use one too!!!! It gets very cold and blustery in Chicago!! CHEERS Michele xo


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