Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beauty review - Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater Eau de Toilette

It's funny how the weather can really affect your perception of a perfume.

When I first smelt Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater Eau de Toilette, I loathed it.  I thought it was an overly sweet, yet somehow insipid little scent that disappeared after an hour.  I tried it a couple of times then the sample rolled to the back of the drawer and I forgot about it.  But, of course, that was during the winter.

Then this glorious, hot, sunny summer came along and I was looking for a light perfume to wear so I thought I might as well give it another go.

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Well, what a difference a season makes!  

In the heat, it didn't seem sweet, it smelt appropriate, like an English country garden - fresh, light and more importantly, not too overpowering.  Heavy perfumes in summer actually make me feel slightly nauseous.  Weirdly it seemed to last longer too.  I kept getting very faint whiffs throughout the day.

Great perfume but choose carefully when you're going to wear it. 


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

But does the rose come out strongly in it? Because I am looking for a simple rose flat note with not too many other flowers.

Beautiful Things said...

Yes, the rose is definitely the strongest note in it. x


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