Tuesday, 26 January 2010

'How to be Adored' - review

I was initially a little sceptical about this book.  The title struck me as one of those ghastly please-like-me-I'm-quite-nice-really self help books.

Ignore the title.  It's actually a rather wonderful lifestyle guide. The premise is how to be a sophisticated woman, loved by all. Advice is based on tips and techniques from famous women of the stage & screen, both past and present, who've been adored by millions.  Topics range from make-up to relationships.

The book is full of laugh out loud pearls of wisdom from the author;
   'Don't wear Uggs, have platinum blonde hair extensions, use lipliner and carry a chihuahua - this is the working wardrobe of the Wannabe Wag and best avoided if you have any kind of I.Q.'
   'NEVER date a footballer, they may be as rich as Croesus but they will make you look cheap'.

Fantastic stuff.  It's a real tonic in today's shallow, celebrity obsessed world where knickerless girls falling out of cars are held up as role models. 

You can buy it in the U.K. here or the U.S. here.

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