Thursday, 28 January 2010

Personal Treasures

Today, I want to share with you some things I love.

This little glass jar used to belong to my paternal grandmother. She used to keep cotton wool for removing make-up in it and I do the same thing today.  I just love the delicate silver lid and the intricate glass work.  

I had a turbulent relationship with my mother so, throughout my childhood and teenage years, my gran was my rock. She was a wonderful person who taught me what being a real woman means - appreciating and loving your family & friends; being intelligent & thoughtful; standing up for yourself but also appreciating other people's point of view and treating very single person you meet with respect & dignity, no matter what their station in life.  She was an amazing artist who took me to art galleries when I was still in primary school and taught me to appreciate art and beautiful things.  I loved her very much and I still miss her.

The second thing I'd like to show you is this gorgeous necklace.

This used to belong to my mother.  As I mentioned previously, I had a difficult relationship with my mum. Sadly, she had personal demons that she never quite managed to conquer.  When I look at this necklace, it reminds me that, in spite of the cruel words, she had a human side that loved beauty and it's this that allows me to connect to her and understand the unhappy person underneath.

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