Saturday, 30 January 2010

The job interview post mortem

I honestly can't say how I felt the job interview went yesterday.   

There were twenty of us being interviewed at the same time.   They kept us waiting in the lobby for ages.  I'm pretty certain I saw a guy in the group who'd been in some kids programme on TV.   I couldn't decide whether that made me feel better or worse.

Eventually we were all herded into a meeting room and spoken at about The Company whilst we filled in an overly long and unnecessary form.  Then we had to do a rather strange test which involved rewriting and typing a letter. Finally we had a three minute, one - to - one interview which consisted of the interviewer looking at you intently for a while then going, 'Sell yourself to me'.  I'm not sure if my contribution of 'Er... um.. I love talking to people', really cut the mustard. 

A lot of jumping through hoops for a minimum wage job.

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